Companies & clusters

Over the past decades, companies in Harz County have particularly specialized in:

  • the automotive supply in Halberstadt, Harzgerode, Ilsenburg and Wernigerode,
  • mechanical engineering in Halberstadt and Wernigerode,
  • plastics processing in Halberstadt and piston / roll production in Quedlinburg,
  • the powder metallurgy in Thale,
  • medical technology in Halberstadt,
  • the extraction of basic materials in Elbingerode and Rübeland,
  • the steel industry in Ilsenburg,
  • nanotechnology in Halberstadt,
  • the food industry and
  • the tourism, leisure and cultural industry in the entire district of Harz.


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Location Development Harz County
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 42
38820 Halberstadt


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