Medical care

Especially in rural areas, great efforts are being made to prevent shortages in medical treatment. The joint use of medical technology and infrastructure in specially equipped care centers has proven itself in Harz County. Powerful medical practices were able to emerge in Ballenstedt, Blankenburg (Harz), Elbingerode, Halberstadt, Hasselfelde, Thale and Wernigerode.

The existing hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are not only important for the people living here, but also have great significance as important employers in the region.

Harz County has a modern hospital landscape. With the municipal clinic "Dorothea Christiane Erxleben" and its locations in Ballenstedt, Blankenburg (Harz), Quedlinburg and Wernigerode as well as the AMEOS clinic in Halberstadt, there are two hospitals that care for around 60,000 patients annually. In addition, there are three other hospitals with the diaconia clinic in Elbingerode, the psychiatric hospital in Neinstedt and the pulmonary clinic in Ballenstedt. The range of medical and health-promoting facilities is supplemented by various rehabilitation clinics for example in Blankenburg (Harz) and Bad Suderode.



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