Network for Skilled Labor

Securing skilled labor in rural areas like Harz County is challenging due to demographic change or the digitalization of the world of employment. However, the economic performance of the Harz region is closely linked to the competitive factor of "skilled labor". Therefore, it is all the more important to create a framework that makes it possible to attract and retain specialists. Qualification and promotion of health as well as diversity in companies are important in order to increase the potential and thus to contribute to an optimal supply of skilled workers.

As part of the network for skilled labor the administration acts in concert with regional players from the economy, the labor market and social politics as well as with local companies in order to establish successful and future-oriented approaches for the further development of skilled labor.


The network sets itself the following goals:
  • enhancing potential for skilled labour
  • designing good work
  • opening life perspectives


Five fields of action have been identified:
  • optimizing transitions, e. g. school to vocational training to subsequent employment
  • promoting dual education
  • "good work" as an approach to fair working conditions
  • maintaining employability through lifelong learning and employee-oriented HR policies
  • exploiting the potential of unemployed people to secure regional needs, promoting integration into the labor market


The partners of the network agree as part of their cooperation that:
  • all relevant actors cooperate intensively,
  • an active regional marketing is implemented and public relations are carried out,
  • creating an attractive living and working environment are supported,
  • the companies are supported in general.


Location Development Harz County
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 42
38820 Halberstadt


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