Training & Development


Any company - small, medium or large - can do a great deal themselves for a solid pool of skilled workers. By means of vocational training, dual study or internships, young people can become enthusiastic about the company right from the start. Evidentially this leads to

  • more loyal employees,
  • professionals with the necessary skills at hand,
  • employees who support the corporate culture,
  • higher employer attractiveness.



Continuous training

A company's success always depends on the expertise of its employees. Therefore continuous training is an important topic in the economic competition.

There are several educational institutions that offer a wide range of training opportunities in Harz County. The KVHS Kreisvolkshochschule Harz supplements with extensive further education courses from topics like health to IT / computer courses.

Not only companies can save money in training their employees, attractive funding opportunities are also available for everyone for their own training and further education.


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